Water Fed Pole
No Ladder Needed

Most Important - What is Pure Water?
Pure water has no contaminants.  Reverse Osmosis and Deionization in our 5-stage filter system removes the chemicals and minerals to produce the pure water.  Pure water does not spot when it dries.

What is a Water Fed Pole?
Our Water Fed Pole is a light-weight, 35 foot, carbon fiber, telescoping pole that delivers the pure water to the brush used to scrub the windows.

How It Works
The pure water supplying the Water Fed Pole and brush causes the impurities on the glass to be attracted to and suspended in the pure water.  The glass is then given a final rinse with pure water to leave the glass totally sterile.  Your windows are then left to dry spotless, as there are no contaminants to squeegee or wipe off.


  • Superior Results - Frames and exterior sills are washed with the windows.  Windows stay cleaner longer as there is no detergent residue to attract dirt.
  • Safety - The 35-foot, carbon fiber pole significantly reduces the use of ladders on one and two-story homes and buildings.
  • Earth Friendly - Chemicals and detergents are not necessary.
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